Top Dance Choreographers near Jodhpur

Best Dance Choreographers from Jodhpur - Get Latest Price from Top Jodhpur's leading Dance Choreographers of Bollywood Dance Troupe, Wedding Dance Troupe, Wedding Dance Programs, Social Dance, Live Dance Show, Cultural Event Organizers & top Dance Troupe Jodhpur. Kajal Chauhan Dance Troupe, a team of dance Choreographers in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, provide Dance Choreographers for weddings, sangeet & related functions, corporate parties, birthdays, anniversaries, religious functions, etc.

Top Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur

Looking for the best choreographers in Jodhpur that actually delivers dance choreographers in Jodhpur? Kajal Dance Company is one of the top Rajasthan’s leading dance choreographers of Bollywood choreographers, Wedding choreographers, Wedding Dance Programs, Social Dance, Live Dance Show, Cultural Event Organizers & Best choreographers in Jodhpur.

The parent company was formed in 2011 with a vision for dance choreographers management for sangeet, wedding, birthday parties, birthday and social culture events. Kajal Dance Company are a leading Indian choreographers of Bands, ✓Event Organisers, ✓Wedding Bands, ✓Dance Classes, ✓Singers.


Let’s Check Our Top Sangeet Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur

Hiring Sangeet Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur, dance troupes, dance companies & dance troupe management from Jodhpur is a great way to bring exciting, energetic entertainment to your wedding reception, fair, festival, birthday party, graduation, corporate function, or community event. Whether you need a dance group to perform a hip hop routine, a group swing dance, or a fun and unique hula or fire dance, Kajal Dance Company will connect you with dance troupes in your area to help create a successful event.

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GroupDance Performances That Are BOMB For Your Wedding

Best Dance Choreographers for Weddings & Sangeet from Webmind Softech[the Jodhpur's Leading Wedding Choreographers

Jodhpur's Premier Dance Choreographers. From Indian Bollywood dance to hip hop, Choreographers have all the moves to impress your guests. Kajal Dance Company offers the best local Wedding Choreographers in Jodhpur!
We offer a variety of wedding dance classes, including Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Our Wedding Choreographers in Jodhpur bring the party to life with their vibrant dance routines, gorgeous costumes and excitable personalities.Kajal Dance Company offers the largest variety of dance and fitness classes for teens and adults of all levels ages 14 and up!
Hire Top Jodhpur Wedding Dance Choreographers for vibrant routines that are bursting with energy, exciting choreography and charming personalities. Our professional dancers are skilled in many styles of South Asian dance including Bollywood, Bhangra, Fusion, Raas, Garba, Classical and more.

Our Process of Best Dance Choreographers for Hire in Jodhpur

Our Dance Choreographers are perfect for corporate events, private parties, weddings, Bollywood themed events, Sangeets and every occasion that desires high energy choreographers to excite their guests and bring a cultural experience to their event. Having been featured by Bollywood’s leading online media company, Kajal Dance Company our dance choreographer company have earned over one million views on their unique fusion dance videos. To book our highly interactive Dance Troupe & Bollywood Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur, or for more information contact our Entertainment Specialists today.









Top Jodhpur Dance Choreographers

Imagine putting on an eye-popping show for your guests. Do that with Kajal Dance Company, one of the top dance choreography companies in Jodhpur.

Available as a big group performance, duo, trio and solo performer our dance choreographers in Jodhpur are dedicated to providing the perfect routine for your event that is guaranteed to get everyone on their feet and heading to the dance floor.

Best Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur

Kajal Chauhan is a renowned Jodhpur based choreographer and creative director for music videos, live performances and TV, having worked with Yo Yo Honey Singh, Badshah, and Jubin Nautiyal.

Kajal Chauhan is one the Best Dance Choreographers in Jodhpur and the Artistic Director of Kajal Dance Company. One choreographer who has changed the way dance itself is perceived in India is Kajal Chauhan. Kajal Chauhan Known as the Indian Bollywood Dancer, the 25-year-old choreographer is behind the colorful concept and the cool moves that had the world dance to her tunes.


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